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Video content is becoming increasingly important across all channels and platforms. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, people are seeing more and more videos 24/7, and expecting better quality and higher production values. From event videos, promotional videos, video interviews, documentaries, crowdfunding videos to any type of content you would like to create, you need a production company who will do the extraordinary.

Upstart Productions is one of the premier UK video production agencies, working with our clients to create exciting, modern, cinematic content which helps them to achieve their goals and take their businesses to greater success. Using small, expert crews with the latest in video technology, we create incredible films without the astronomical price tag typically attached to large scale video productions.

The Production Process

Be Different, Be Outstanding.

Promotional videos are all about telling your brand story with personality and creativity. Capturing and holding your audience’s attention in order to deliver your message is not easy, but it’s what we’re great at.
Whether you’re looking to create a polished product video, an insightful interview series, or a creative advert, we will help to bring your vision to life to help you achieve your goals and move your audience.

Turn Your Audience Into Investors.

We specialise in producing creative, bold crowdfunding videos for progressive thinkers and visionary entrepreneurs. We have always catered for startups and the tech industry, and have developed a fantastic network of VCs, investors and experts.

Crowdfunding videos are multipurpose, simultaneously pitching to investors, explaining your product, promoting pre-orders and generating press. We’ll help to tell your story in a creative and unique way, skyrocketing your launch to new heights.


Supercharge Your Event’s Impact.

Event videos are crucial to diversifying your marketing content, and massively increase the reach and impact of your event, through establishing strong brand credibility and identity, as well as showcasing your expertise.
Our approach to event videos is the same as creative productions. Our team use a combination of pre-production planning, creativity and cinematic storytelling to produce an event film that everyone will be talking about.

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Recent Projects

How a promotional video helped Tata reach out to a new generation of entrepreneurs.
How a crowdfunding video secured investment and helped launch a new era of banking.
How our annual event videos help to attract the brightest minds to NACUE's events.
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