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We’re a UK Video Production Agency that works with your brand to achieve creative and marketing goals

Video content is becoming increasingly important across all channels and platforms. With the rise of smartphones and tablets, people are seeing more and more videos 24/7, and expecting better quality and higher production values. From commercials, promotional videos, documentaries, video interviews, travel and tourism film to any type of content you would like to create, you need a production company who will do the extraordinary.

We have helped our amazing clients to attract new customers (B2C and B2B), secure funding & investment, recruit and train new talent, and build their brand awareness by producing stunning visual content. At Upstart we understand that stories are the most effective way to educate, inspire, and motivate people to take action. Using your goals as our starting point, we help you create the right content to make an impact.

What Video Content Are You Creating?

Our Manchester and London-based team provide full-service UK video production and marketing services to our clients, including fast-moving startups, local councils, law firms, and multinational companies.

Marketing Video

Marketing videos are all about telling your brand story with personality and creativity. Capturing and holding your audience’s attention in order to deliver your message is not easy, but it’s what we’re great at.

Whether you’re looking to create a polished product video, an insightful interview series, or a creative advert, we will help to bring your vision to life to help you achieve your goals and move your audience.

“Upstart Productions were awesome at shooting and producing our investment round video for Ember. Super professional gear and such a nice team to work with!”

Dan HoganEmber

Corporate Video

We specialise in producing creative, bold corporate videos for progressive companies and characterful brands. We scale our productions from affordable startup videos to large multi-day shoots for multinational companies.

Corporate videos serve many purposes, including staff recruitment, customer training and brand awareness. We’ll help to tell your story in a creative and unique way, skyrocketing your brand to new heights.

“We've used Upstart for a number of projects over the years - they are very easy to communicate with, amazing at developing our initial ideas and bringing it all to life in a really engaging way.”

Tofayal AhmedTata

Event Video

Event videos are crucial to diversifying your marketing content, and massively increasing the reach and impact of your event, through establishing strong brand credibility and identity, as well as showcasing your expertise.

Our approach to event videos is the same as creative productions. Our team uses a combination of creativity and cinematic storytelling to produce an event film that everyone will be talking about.

“Upstart Productions were amazing, they captured a very multidimensional and intense weekend-long tech event with such creativity and dedication. We were all impressed especially when we saw the professional and compelling pictures and the video!”

Christina LilaAngel Hack

Video Case Studies

A showcase of video productions our team have created with our clients

Active Leeds Love Yourself Campaign

Our assignment was to create a dynamic, positive and concise crowdfunding video to inspire investors and secure investment for the business to expand its horizons. Upside Down House successfully reached its investment target leading to the company opening new sites across the UK for families and communities to enjoy.

Bühler Product Launch

Bühler is the world leader in optical sorting technology – they wanted to bring the visual spectacle of a new car launch to the release of their pioneering product. Our task was to turn this vision into reality, creating both a blackout studio and a newsroom in their London factory. We produced both photography and video material for this project.

NACUE Conference Video

NACUE holds the annual Student Enterprise Conference catering to business-minded students. We were tasked with capturing the essence of the two-day conference and creating an inspiring, motivational event video along with modern, striking event photography. The content was used to promote future events and bring awareness.

Video FAQ’s

As a leading UK sustainable video production company, we thought it would be helpful to answer some common questions about video production and marketing strategy:

How much does video production cost?

Determining the price for your production involves several factors, and very much depends on the scale of the production. Factors include how large a crew is required, location costs, talent and licensing fees, on top of many other parts which go into creating a final video.
You can refer to our rate card to get a general idea of our prices, but we think its always best to have a chat to discuss your vision and how we can make it in the most cost-effective way.

How long does a video take to make?

The time required to create a video production varies according to the scale; a large-budget TV commercial filmed in a studio will of course take much longer than a short corporate interview filmed for online distribution.
Event videos tend to take around two to three weeks after the event until the video is ready.
Livestreaming productions usually require at least 1-2 weeks of planning and pre-production before the big day; much more for larger productions.

What makes you a sustainable video production company?

You can read more about the efforts we go to on our Sustainability page. We take every action possible to minimise the carbon footprint of our video productions, including using renewable energy to power our equipment (which is low power as far as possible), minimising travel by using local crews, and using green web hosting.
Unfortunately due to the nature of the business emissions can’t be totally negated, so we use certified carbon offsets from our partner Ecologi to provide a 10x offset for each video production project we undertake.

What kinds of videos do you make?

At Upstart, we cover almost any kind of video production you can imagine. Whether it’s creative adverts, corporate interviews, tourism promotional videos, animated explainers, event recording and livestreaming or anything else, we have you covered.
Our website is arranged to show our most commonly requested film and video services, but if you have a video in mind which isn’t listed please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to bring your vision to life.

What is video marketing strategy?

Don’t fall into the trap of creating content for the sake of it! A successful video marketing strategy is crucial for businesses looking to engage their audience and boost brand visibility.  Our comprehensive video marketing strategy encompasses careful planning, creative storytelling, and strategic distribution.
First we do a deep dive into your business to understand the complexities of the brand and key challenges we can help you to overcome. After we gain a thorough understanding of your business, we research your target audience, and use proven content strategy models to design a plan outlining a range of content across channels (e.g. website, social media, TV).
This is essential in understanding the right content to be creating in order to achieve the best results, and includes what content to make, creative notes & ideas, as well as distribution (where / how / when to publish the videos for maximum impact).

Video Production Process

Upstart was able to guide us along the way from pre-shoot; offering great insight as to what would work and what wouldn’t in our proposed script, to on-set; running a smooth and efficient process on the day and in post-production; collaborating with us in order to find the best possible option for each scene - going above and beyond across each phase. Couldn’t be more pleased with the output and the work Stephen and Upstart have done to help our company.

EmberAaron Shaw

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