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We’ll help you to create amazing content, stream it online in front of the right audience, and actively engage with them to create an unforgettable live experience.

Connect with your audience in real time, and show your customers something they've never seen before with Upstart Live.

Live Streaming

Connect with your audience directly and globalise your brands reach with interactive and dynamic streams. Multiple cameras, lighting, custom graphics – you name it, we do it.

Remote Video Production

We can film cinematic content in advance for future distribution to a remote audience, from classes, instructional material, interviews to yoga sessions the options are limitless.

Streaming Partnerships

Live streaming and remote video production can go so far beyond simple one way broadcasts. We can help you to unlock the true potential of this technology for your business.

Streaming Consultancy

We not only provide real time solutions, but we offer consultancy on existing streaming structures. From troubleshooting teething problems to a comprehensive livestreaming package.

Remote Video Production

Our expert camera crews capture dynamic camera angles, ensuring live video captured with a cinematic quality. Say goodbye to cellphone style footage on your livestreams!

Interactive Polls

The best way to retain and grow viewing audience is to have an interactive live stream; ask questions and involve your audience whilst on-air and see your engagement skyrocket.


Crisp Video With Realtime Effects & Graphics


Live Reactions & Interactions


Chat & Polls With Audience

Live Chat & Comments

Talk with your audience live through comments or real-time chat. The more engaged your audience is during the show, then the more successful your live stream will be.

Streaming Consultancy

Send your live stream to any and all platforms you like; we can steam to individual platforms like Facebook Live or through a dedicated website, or we can stream to all of them at the same time.

Livestreaming Services That Elevate

Your Business To New Heights

And Greater Breadths.

Corporate Content

Support remote working by webcasting webinars give your company the flexibility to deliver important updates and key metrics to your team in real-time. Interactivity is enabled through unique features such as annotations to highlight key information, slides and graphics.

Social Media Livestreaming

Get social and webcast your companies marketing concepts. Social media is all about interaction, and we create streams and webcasts that take full advantage of the interactive features available, such as live polls and Q&A’s to boost audience engagement.

Multi-Platform Streaming

If your audience are online across different platforms, we can simultaneously stream your content across Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and any others you’d like. We can even create customized channels for you with white labeled pages with your logo & branding.

Remote Video Production

As more content is moving online, Upstart Live is able to help you to host virtual versions of your workshops, classes and seminars. We can help you to create stunning content, and mix pre-recorded content with livestreaming to create truly revolutionary experiences for your customers, clients and employees.

Live Event Production

Globalise your event to everyone who couldn’t be there, so that no one misses out. Our live streaming services and interactive features leverage your brand’s influence to go further and maintains your connection with your audience. Live and hybrid events allow you to reach a wider audience than ever before.

Livestreaming Consultancy

We understand that businesses want to take the lead in creating their own long term live streaming solutions. We offer a variety of streaming consultation packages ranging from simple diagnostic calls on existing solutions, to a comprehensive strategy built on research, team training and live action scenarios.

Queued Video Content

With our high production value, creative team, and state of the art equipment, we can film truly exceptional content for you. This is a great choice if your business wants pre-recorded content at its disposal anytime and anywhere; think of a plug and play option where you can be ahead of the game.

Customised Branding & Microsites

We can help to make your streaming unique, though customisable slates, graphics and microsites aligned to your branding guidelines, with colours, fonts and logos. Create a unique website where your audience will watch your production, for the full interactive branded experience.

Make Live Streams


Upstart Productions offers comprehensive

Livestreaming Packages customised

to your marketing objectives.

Let’s Talk About Pricing.

No Two Live Streams Are Made Equal.

We know that no two livestreams are the same, and live broadcasting requirements are always different.

At Upstart, we always work on a custom quote basis, but we have come up with some rough livestreaming pricing packages to help get you started.

From providing a crew of experienced operators, technical consultancy on your existing solutions, to providing high production value webcasting.

If you can imagine it we can create it.
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