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We're always learning
how we can do more
to do our part.

Our Actions

To Date.

At Upstart we are working hard to minimise the environmental impact of our business, and will soon be a carbon-negative company, having a positive impact on the planet.

We believe that not only can we make a positive difference to the world through the content we make, we can help to clean up the production industry by setting an example with our business practices as well.

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Goals that we’re working towards

Work in Progress.

We’re constantly reevaluating our goals to align with our overall vision to be a forerunner in eco, low-impact and sustainable video production, but here are some things we’re currently working towards.

B-Corp Certification

At Upstart we think that companies should exist for more than just creating profits for shareholders. Companies can have a huge positive environmental impact from shifting their approach, and we’re in the process of changing our legal structure to reflect this, working towards achieving B-Corp certification.

We Grow Your Business, So

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As storytellers and consumers, we have a hunger for producing content that will continue to inspire your audience past it's launch.

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