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What We Can Help Create

At Upstart we understand that stories are the most effective way to educate, inspire, and motivate people to take action. Using your goals as our starting point, we help you create the right content to make an impact.

That could include thought leadership social videos, a billboard photography campaign, branded mini-documentaries, a live-streamed panel event, TV commercials, and anything in between.

🎯 Video Strategy & Social Media Channel Optimisation

After gaining a deep understanding of your business and challenges, we use proven content marketing strategy models to design a plan outlining a range of videos and series across channels (website videos, social media videos, TV adverts etc).

🎥 Marketing Videos

Our talented creative team produces emotionally driven, results-focused marketing video content in custom packages ready for publishing across all social media channels. We also create big-budget marketing campaign videos, for TV, streaming, or advertising online.

🤝 Corporate Video Production

With years of industry experience, we create impactful corporate films, including recruitment videos, training videos, explainers, testimonial films, product launch films, corporate promotional videos, interviews, branded documentaries, FAQ videos.

📸 Photography

Our roots are as a photography agency, working with our clients on creating stunning imagery across promotional and marketing photography campaigns, dynamic corporate headshots, product photography, and travel photography.

📡 Livestreaming

The last few years have shown us how effective live content can be at reaching international audiences, as well as garnering audience interaction. We are experts at creating live marketing content, virtual and hybrid events, corporate live streams, and virtual studio productions.

🚀 Events

We have years of experience helping our clients to maximise the media return from their events, through dynamic event photography, event promotional videos, event films, and social event packages, all with quick turnaround ready for publishing with your event social media.

Our FAQ’s

As a leading UK sustainable video production company, we thought it would be helpful to answer some common questions about video production and marketing strategy:

How much does video production cost?

Determining the price for your production involves several factors, and very much depends on the scale of the production. Factors include how large a crew is required, location costs, talent and licensing fees, on top of many other parts which go into creating a final video.
You can refer to our rate card to get a general idea of our prices, but we think its always best to have a chat to discuss your vision and how we can make it in the most cost-effective way.

How long does a video take to make?

The time required to create a video production varies according to the scale; a large-budget TV commercial filmed in a studio will of course take much longer than a short corporate interview filmed for online distribution.
Event videos tend to take around two to three weeks after the event until the video is ready.
Livestreaming productions usually require at least 1-2 weeks of planning and pre-production before the big day; much more for larger productions.

What makes you a sustainable video production company?

You can read more about the efforts we go to on our Sustainability page. We take every action possible to minimise the carbon footprint of our video productions, including using renewable energy to power our equipment (which is low power as far as possible), minimising travel by using local crews, and using green web hosting.
Unfortunately due to the nature of the business emissions can’t be totally negated, so we use certified carbon offsets from our partner Ecologi to provide a 10x offset for each video production project we undertake.

What kinds of videos do you make?

At Upstart, we cover almost any kind of video production you can imagine. Whether it’s creative adverts, corporate interviews, tourism promotional videos, animated explainers, event recording and livestreaming or anything else, we have you covered.
Our website is arranged to show our most commonly requested film and video services, but if you have a video in mind which isn’t listed please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to bring your vision to life.

What is video marketing strategy?

Don’t fall into the trap of creating content for the sake of it! A successful video marketing strategy is crucial for businesses looking to engage their audience and boost brand visibility.  Our comprehensive video marketing strategy encompasses careful planning, creative storytelling, and strategic distribution.
First we do a deep dive into your business to understand the complexities of the brand and key challenges we can help you to overcome. After we gain a thorough understanding of your business, we research your target audience, and use proven content strategy models to design a plan outlining a range of content across channels (e.g. website, social media, TV).
This is essential in understanding the right content to be creating in order to achieve the best results, and includes what content to make, creative notes & ideas, as well as distribution (where / how / when to publish the videos for maximum impact).

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